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Facts on Ice

South Africa is under threat of a lack of sufficient water, while water quality and availability issues are becoming more acute. The Water Research Commission (WRC) was established in terms of the Water Research Act (Act No 34 of 1971), following a period of serious water shortage. It was deemed to be of national importance to generate new knowledge and to promote the country’s water research.

In the future it is envisaged that South Africa’s water problems will intensify, water quality and availability issues are being threaten by numerous factors such as urbanization, water pollution and incompetence’s within various governmental departments, the implementation of the National Water Act of 1998 and the related national water strategy places considerable demand on water management and calls for research support.

Hence, the mandate which has been entrusted to the WRC includes:
• Promoting co-ordination, co-operation and communication in the area of water research and development
• Establishing water research needs and priorities
• Stimulating and funding water research according to priority
• Promoting effective transfer of information and technology
• Enhancing knowledge and capacity-building within the water sector.

This is where Ice for Africa aims to promote effective transfer of information and knowledge regarding our most precious resource. The transfer of information between you the customer, Ice for Africa the manufacturer and Government the supplier ensures that through rigorous testing by Ice for Africa any defects with regards to water are addressed immediately.

As a manufacturer of quality – lab tested – packaged ice to the Gauteng market we are pleased to let you, our valued customer know that our Ice is also SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) accredited.

As well as being SANAS accredited our Ice has been tested by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) Food, Water & Chemistry department, in addition we also commissioned an independent analytical report by Aspirata . All of these test results indicate that the water used by Ice for Africa in the manufacture of their packaged ice complies with South African National Standards – SANS 241 of 2006 for potable water.

The latest test results that we have on file are from the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research); the testing revealed that the water used by Ice for Africa in the manufacture of their packaged ice is free from enteric (intestinal) viruses.

*All of the above tests – excluding the independent report from Aspirata – are conducted on a monthly and annual basis in an effort to ensure that the quality of our water remains the best!

Go to our downloads page to view our different certifications and test results.


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